SPECIAL A Taylor Swift Professional Quote

A Product of Culture SPECIAL: A Taylor Swift Professional Quote

Dear Interested Readers. Today is Sunday, March 27, 2022 and I want to share a quoted discussion that affects many people lives in ways they don’t even know it at times. Please, store this in your reservoir of knowledge and facts the following thoughts:

A Product of Culture SPECIAL: A Taylor Swift Professional Quote

Taylor Swift’s Songwriting Process on ‘evermore’ Apple Music 2020 artist of the year

When it comes to an artist’s music and creativity. The Owned Process
Taylor’s Expression: “ You are the only one who kind of knows the secrete of the journey… You have the ability to share it with the fans (in a way)…make them happiest the most.”

Taylor’s Expression: “You don’t want to feel like your homework got destroyed.”

Interviewer Ownership Question: Why do Artists put security and stability before Artistic creative control and freedom?

Taylor Ownership Answer: We are not making that conscious decision…We are not given the information often times… (Reference Record Labels) From (a) Psychological (perspective), Taylor discusses the damage this does to the artist when you separate them from their work. “You Break Something” See the 19 minutes mark in the video for the insightful points and history.

Taylor tries to put it back together in a way that heals what was broken. She Emphasizes “That’s an artist’s pension plan; that’s their retirement, that’s their legacy, that’s what they want to leave to their children.”

Taylor wants to make it better for people starting with the record deal and the contract.

Do such words ring as Truth in your life above?

Dear Readers, Artists, and Professionals, I hope the above interviewed thoughts will help you today and in the future.

Best Regards, James
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