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Speak A Product of Culture Creation

You will enjoy SPEAK the poem made in the autumn of 2019

Speak A Product of Culture Creation

You are a creation made with every consideration

Tell her about it

Beauty enhances beauty when it is in the heart

Tell him about it

The face with its nose

Tell and show it to babies

Do we listen with the ears?

Give them something to hear

And with such an arrangement of incomparable gifts to our countenance we have a mouth

Use your mouth to smile
You will make someone’s day for a whole mile

When you place a gentle kiss
Even by blowing it the recipient’s face it will not be missed

Sing with skill and organize sounds
It informs the maestro you are ready for the town

And Oh, Speak.
Speak when you happy
Speak when you sad
Speak your heart’s contentment which helps to get over being upset or mad

Speak well of yourself and others who are your friends.
Such connections will never end

And Oh, Speak the Truth
And all the uplifting activities in your heart will become a sweet fruit.

Eat it they will and Speak it

Poetry Archives Mind Active

Mind Active
The Abilities of the mind

There is a mind that states I can never do it

How can something so marvelous be underestimated
Maybe it is not to be contemplated
But are you one to say it must be calculated

Start with your senses and how they work
Not consciously; but subconsciously without any prodding or perks

Consciously think on and apply what is best
Then allow your mind to act on the rest
Will you remember this while reviewing for your next test

As your left and right hemisphere harmonize together
There is a guarantee your mind’s abilities will go on increasing forever!

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