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Social Media Managers *Some Information on this page such as my services and cost have been changed but are not listed here. This article is still active for reference purposes. – J.

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with.

WOW! How is that for an article opening? In this world today, we find times you have to share what you can do. Would you agree this is the purpose of resumes? It has to be eye-catching and it has to state the facts!

Social Media Manager Definition

A social media manager is the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. The role is similar to that of a community manager on a website forum or public relations representative. Social media managers are often found in the marketing and public relations departments of large organizations. – Margaret Rouse

These Managers are Valuable

When you saw that this writer wrote Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with, you can be confident he said what he meant and meant what he said.
Yet. This is a straight disclosure right up front. The same way a wine steward uses his experienced tastes and knowledge to pick the best wines for the restaurant(s) in his charge, likewise; the owner of the Product of Culture website carries out his choices in an illustrative way.

What does this mean?

It means as you peruse his resume, he is doing the same for ones who are seriously interested in his; in other words, he is sampling your wine (resume, talents, product). Therefore, I can come to the conclusion that even though your wine certainly belongs on the table in an upscale restaurant in Italy, the cost may be too rich for room in the Product of Culture farm like, with a touch of ultimate coolness wine cellars.

You have certain wines and champagnes you drink specifically for special occasions.

With that said, this writer has a limit to the contracts I will sign to perform the services of Social Media Manager. You are about to find out the reasons I feel I am one of the best fits for a talented professional who finds I am the best fit for them.

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with — The Nuts Bolts

  1. The Social Media Manager is a good writer, with the needed editing skills as well, and writes all the time. His or her skills produces succinct social media posts to give The who, what, when and where for clientele.
  2. The Social Media Manager’s goal is to have 100% customer service satisfaction. This service requires time management. Expectations should be met through correspondence or phone calls with the solution. Social Media Managers are oral and written communicators.

Hence, in reference to the 2 statements above, I have excelled in customer service and communication for different occupations and projects. As a writer, we are always improving; however, if you are still capable of getting an “A” on a research paper, which was 95 – 100% scoring in my day (you know, over 200 years ago for the younger generation of readers here), then you own the skills of being a good writer.

Sidenote: In my experience I found the peace of your environment and enough time for writing and editing a project makes a world of difference on the final project. Can you say perfection?

The Hootsuite Social Media Team

If you need to hear additional social media experts experience, here is a reference:

8 Essential Skills a Social Media Manager Must Have – Hootsuite Social Media Management

A Day in the Life of a Hootsuite Social Media ManagerIn this video, we give Hootsuite’s social media audience what they’ve long been asking for: a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to manage social media for Hootsuite, and best practices that you can incorporate into your own professional life.

Specialist Skills

You will find these addition thoughts helpful in what you are looking for in a Social Media Specialist.

* SEO – Search Engine Optimization
* Design & Photo Editing
* Analytics & Reporting
* Paid Social Basics
* Research & Planning

 The Product of Culture website

3. The Product of Culture Website is also known as POCBOOKS – Much More Than Books. Where the writings, professionals, artists, and musicians featured here are more than meets the eye and ear for perceptive tips, recreation, and music! This website also has a collection of digital and audio books.

4. Listed are the prices for Event, Videos & Ads. Make a note of this deal. I do not have to be your social media manager in order for you to request pristine video slot showings on the website; but, if I do manage your accounts, then there’s no charge for me placing your events and ads on the website.

Here are the guidelines:

Video Ads and Event Placement Request. See Price List

The Product of Culture website is my profession run like an ethical business to the best of my ability. I reserve the right to not accept requests.

The topics for advertisement and documentary selection.

Health and poetry. Did I mention the food culture? Vegan included.

Price List

$25 for 48 hrs
$20 1 Home page slot (24 hrs)
$10 Event stays posted for Ninety days

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with — The Guidelines I Follow

5. A Labor of Love in Business and Blog Policy Statement
A business’s sole purpose is to make currency; inasmuch to make a profit.
Do you ascribe to the statement above? If you do, the world’s raw facts will validate your view by sharing steps you must take for a business to make a profit.

6. The POCBOOKS.COM (Product of Culture) Blog Policy Statement
The owner, James Lynch, believes in every individual’s right (blog policy statement) to privacy. Here is a list of what information this website collects and why.

A succinct statement on the matter follows:


*Cookies, (Used only to register the visit in analytics) which you can turn off at anytime by modifying your internet browser’s settings.

*Any personal information willingly given by the user, such as a user’s email address, will be used only to serve the site’s user engagement with the author/owner of Your information is not given away to individuals or sold to third parties. Keywords: Confidential and private (oral & written) correspondence are honored by the website’s owner/author.

Eight Reasons Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with — My Brand of Products

7. I have observe enough feedback and attention over the years to realize with the access (interest) of resources, my brand’s written & audio books are more than capable of making a profit for years to come.

Two Must See Examples:

A) James Fundamental Reading Commentary

B) The Life and Times of Baby Lucas Books I and II combined ebook!

Concluding Take Away

Dear perceptive reader, you now have a detailed overview of why I stand by the statement:

“Why I can be One of the Best Social Media Managers you ever work with”

Are you of the same mind and skill set? Then you certainly can make similar claims with confidence on your next interview. Or, you may just want to help another professional or entrepreneur to carry out their goals.

Either way, may you continue to find success in all that truly matters in your heart. Thank you for the interest.

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