So You turned another Year Older

This is to announce So You turned another Year Older  is a new released jewel of a book available for download at!

This new release is in the non-fiction category exclusively at This does not mean there won’t be a story or two in there.

The reason for this release is explained in the book’s preface! 

However, here are some thoughts to consider for the readers in the book’s description.

So You turned another Year Older

Have you become set in your ways? Once you have turned 18, 21, 25, and 45 has your outlook stayed the same for many years?

Have you become a better person?

This compact book reviews a few things in hopes that the reader will say, “Mmm, maybe I should rethink my outlook on a matter.

KDP exclusively on Amazon

It is always hoped that you have an informative and uplifting day!

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