Small Business Four Secrets to Success

Small Business Four Secrets to Success

You read here from time to time about business environments.  The cultural policies set in place that forms glue for ones from different backgrounds not just to work together but for the most part be amicable interactions, i.e. production teams and business meetings. With a viable policy in business, how successful do you think it will be?

Cindy Bates @Cindy_Bates

Cindy Bates, I’m pleased to share with you is in my Twitter Social Media Connections. She works for Microsoft (More on this is in the next heading) There is not a business week that goes by without Cindy Bates providing something valuable to the Twitter feed. In addition to sharing articles from her blog, she also shares information from other sources. These sources help small businesses to implement technology solutions and provide feedback how to run a productive business.   You will see this in the article excerpt below.

Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Blog

Cindy Bates leads the company’s efforts to help SMBs realize their full potential through the use of technology. This blog is where she shares SMB stories, technology insights, and business strategies for SMBs.

In this article, we quickly state four secrets to success for business. The excerpt from this excellent interview comes from Cindy Bates.

The name of the article is called Small business thrives on a blend of integrity, humility—and technology.

Small Business Four Secrets to Success

What we will do now is list each of them. More details are provided in the whole article.

So what are the secrets to Holwick’s ( Holwick Constructors) success? He cites several:

  • Consistency
  • Humility,
  • Dig deep” mentality
  •  Technology.

“Solidifying our top client relationships has been crucial to our success—solidifying them, maintaining them, and improving them,” says Holwick. “And the key to doing that is being consistent in everything we do and how we do it. For the client, there are no unpleasant surprises.”

To Holwick, “approaching everything with a level of humility” is the flip side of another imperative: treating clients with dignity and respect. “We know that there are 30 or 40 others waiting in line to do what we do and we need to stay ahead of them,” he says.


This rest of the article provides insight along the points you just read. To read the rest of this article just click on the link:

Small business thrives on a blend of integrity, humility—and technology

Thank you, Cindy Bates, for always bringing out the potential in businesses along with the tools to make them successful.

Small Business Four Secrets to Success

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