Showcasing Poetry Writer KiBLS Poem 5

Welcome to the website, we are introducing Poetry Writer Kibls and poem 5.

Showcasing Poetry Writer KiBLS Poem 5

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This is a 7 part poetry presentation featuring KiBLS.

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Showcasing  KiBLS — Poem 5

It is my pleasure to once more present to you poem 5.

History becomes my-story

My heart shall open the gate!

I want to feel just great!

My consciousness shall rise!

I want to become finally wise!

My whole being shall connect!

I want to skill a great effect!

The biggest secret is still hidden!

But it is not longer guilt-ridden!

The downfall of the last veil,

opens just the view for a new tale.

(written by KiBLS)

#philosophy #poetry #poem #freespeech #history

Author: KiBLS | License

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