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Showcase KiBLS Poem 2 Insight

Here is Kibls Poem 2 Insight in this Product of Culture feature

A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS the Poet Poem 2 Insight

Greetings. Over the years, you have read student reports, author’s writings, interesting poetry here at the Product of Culture website. It has been a pleasure to showcase these talented writers & artists here for the perceptive readers. Well, Well meet the pen of KiBLS.

You first saw his creative works highlighted here in 2018:
KiBLS The Poet

Kibls uses his free flowing thoughts to make some of the most interesting poetry. He also posts poetry in the Product of Culture Minds.com group as well.

Poem 2 – Insight

Honesty and love bring you true happiness,
Did you understand it, there is no way back!

You create the true world inside of you,
there is the real wealth and also all the money.

The truth will follow you from now on, everytime
It guides you, from high-ups from the clouds.

All evil will face this force,
and in the end, get shattered in full glory.

(written by KiBLS)

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It has been my pleasure to  Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 2 Insight

The website’s Owner Poetry corner

Wishing you all the best for the enhancement quality of life!

Fate Faith – A New 2019 Poem  By James Lynch Jr.

Knowing it was told to me
From a pod it destiny to be

Been told that all before
What makes you so sure

The thought and actions matches with the purpose

Yet today you are informed of only needing one

The passive can be overridden by the other action

Born into a state
Action negate
Transformation occurs

Being destined to amount to nothing
Confident clarity will rebirth into something


Much appreciation for you and the others you tell about this website.

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