Should You Vlog? Video Blogging By Amy Schmittauer

To vlog is to use video for recording thoughts and documentation the same way  you do in a log or blog (Video Blogging) site. Blogging has proved to be a valuable tool to help people. Businesses and entrepreneurs have expressed the need since the  twenty first century to have a website and blogging presence. Amy Schmittauer has made the case that these same job creators and content creators need to have a video media presence; in other words, a vlog.

Should You Start Vlogging (Video Blogging)?

Amy can Help in These areas!

Should you start vlogging? Is vlogging really right for you? Comment below with your biggest struggle!

30 Days to Better Vlogging!

Beginner’s Guide to Vlogging playlist:

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Amy Schmittauer is Co-Founder at Aftermarq, a video content marketing consultancy; a professional keynote speaker.

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