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She Picked Him A Sages Poetry

The Sage’s Poetry She Picked Him was created in the autumn of 2019. Feel free to contact the author, writer, and owner of this website with inquiries. If you are a new reader to this site, it may help to check out the sample guests blog response post first. Have a comforting day in your heart and mind. – James

You can also enjoy the video presentation for the Sage’s Poetry here and on Vimeo

She Picked Him A Sages Poetry

The night sky was just right
Every twinkling star was in sight

There was nothing more marvelous than turning from the sky to gaze upon eyes shinning with brilliance

Words in that moment needed not to be said.

For both their minds were now one outside and inside their heads

Why have I been granted this priceless and delicate treasure he asked.

Her poetic songs materialized ever more clearer and softly in a way human kind only knows at this precise rarity of moments.

She said
I picked you because just like the stars are light years in space
You cause me to feel them upon my face.
I picked you because in my universe I’ve tried so hard not to be entangled.
Yet your girded belt attracted me with strong bangels.

A rare find is someone who will say to me — I care and will still be there

It is a rare time to find my one kind
So I took a few of your bangels at the
risk of your wrath.

I hoped with all hope you would come back for me because I knew your heart was greater than that

As she spoke all these words with her mouth and eyes it reaffirmed what he already knew… It is an immeasurable gift a Grand One gave to have such a delicate priceless prize in heavenly dew.

The days are wonderful and carefree. But Ahh, with such an answer to an age old song we sing, He/She welcomes as One bring the night to me.

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