Sharing is Caring in Social Media

Sharing is caring, and Reminding is Caring.

These thoughts are applicable in most forms of marketing and providing authentic interest for your audience and customers. Also,  the effect is they feel valued; and is there really anything wrong with that?

In the elevated form of thinking, it is a form of dignifying a person (human).

Caring is Sharing in Social Media

Greetings, I am sharing different content with the POCBOOKS.COM sharing is caring month of August.

I share more content produced by different people and brands more than I share of my own. This is actually how #socialmedia users leveraged sharing tools since the beginning and thru the prosperous (social media sharing) years of using these tools. – Did you know this?

The principle is ” You looked out and shared the products and interests of others more than your own.” – Did you know this?

Rule of thumb – share what you authentically can appreciate. Art, How-To, Products, Talent, and interest of that person, brand or organization.

The Product of Culture Group on is where most of my shares will happen. I am the sole moderator of this group, you cab read more in the description about it. Check it out

If you share or remind any of my content from feel free to let me know, I will be sure to thank you this month!

Have a wonderful August in your heart and mind. – Kind regards, James

*Note the above information will resonate more with entreprenuers, mothers, fathers, and everyday consumers and internet users for recreation. Big names and established brands often have to use other methods of scrutinizing and sharing content.

Reminding is caring. Sharing is Caring #sharingiscaring

Author: james.lynch

My name is James Lynch Jr. I am an author, writer, and vendor of intriguing creativity. There is still plenty of non-fiction reading produced as well.