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Shakira Album Review -Song Me Enamoré -Perceptive Readers 10

Perceptive Readers EP 10 – Shakira Album Review with the selected single of Me Enamoré! Also you have special news bulletin items in this article.

Shakira Album Review with the selected single of Me Enamoré!

Perceptive Readers 2.0 EP 10
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This Perceptive Readers Episode is a review on Shakira’s new music featuring the single Me Enamoré. (Lyrics and official videos.)
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SoundCloud- Shakira Album Review with the selected single of Me Enamoré!

This week’s Perceptive Reader’s Bulletin Board

A) Daniela Andrade – The Appealing Voice and Performer 2017 Shows!

B) Jasmine Thompson Performs “Old Friends” on the TODAY!

Jasmine Thompson Sings Old Friends

Jasmine Thompson New Wonderland Album!
Jasmine Thompson Tour Dates!

C) #ShirleySetia – Facing Social Media Criticism

In Nikhil Kumar | Official Blog article, he shares his concerns on what successful, and still very much human, people like Shirley Setia experience on a regular basis. How they are able to deal with the treatment that is immature and not nice.

I always talk about social media benefits all the time in this era of internet, and you have often heard me talking about the incredible opportunities of personal branding offered by social media. But like most things in life, while there are great benefits of social media, there are drawbacks too.

Read the full article here:

D) Tori Kelly Feature Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FL

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Perceptive Readers 10 – Shakira Album Review

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