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Getting to Know The Scrivener Writing Software

The Fall is often a time of completion. Where people want to relax, spend time with family, have fun, and to feel as good about the year’s efforts and successes; especially in their occupations and professions in the western world of providing goods and services. During this time, Philanthropic projects also bring a sense of a job well done!

Well, in one man’s opinion, Scrivener is a software I have found to be worth the cost for goods & services in whatever field or occupation that a lot of writing is involved. It will save you on time, and as one author, Michael La Ronn, states (paraphrase): Scrivener allows authors and writers to get out of their own way.

I found this to be the case over the past year (s). Allow me to explain.
A Windows User of the Scrivener Writing Software

Back in the second quarter of 2012, I purchased Scrivener for Windows and placed it on my Windows 7 laptop. I absolutely got a kick out of using the software. Even with the Scrivener Writing Software for windows not having all the features of the Mac version of the software, I was more than satisfied with the abundance of features all the same. Yes, more features than most people would even inquire about. But they are there for when you need the right touch for this or that research paper you students are writing.

Everything just plain worked. Until… Read on

A Linux User with the Scrivener Writing Software

A couple of years ago, it became helpful for me to use the Linux system OS, so I stopped using Windows 10 and moved to several different linux distribution flavors.

However, along the way, Scrivener did not always function well with the Wine program.

Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop.

After losing some of my newer writings and research by data corruption, I made the decision to stop using the Scrivener Writing Software with the Linux systems and the Wine program.

Writing became increasingly harder without the Scrivener Writing Software

Don’t get me wrong. Let me start by saying, it was not “Writer’s Block” that made it harder for me to write. It was harder because I had truly become reliant on the following tasks Scrivener makes so much easier and gives a sense of satisfaction that you have your bases covered!

Research Gathering
Research Compiling
Yes, even proof-reading

The above are just some of the benefits Scrivener gives far beyond common word processors.

A Year without the Scrivener Writing Software

After a year without using Scrivener daily, as was the routine before, I found myself storing more and more of my thoughts, poetry, and ideas in the universe of the mind; so to speak; unless I was ready to write an article that would be published the same 24-48 hours of me developing the online draft.
Oh how I miss those days of just writing a paragraph or two about this awesome (corny for some) joke or some serious thought-provoking subject Perceptive Readers would enjoy hearing and talking about. I had used Scrivener for everything except to make me a cup of coffee!

The Return to Scrivener 3
After a year, it was time to return to the software that helps me with storing my mind’s universe of thoughts and ideas! Chuckle, I often feel our minds (My father talked about this all the time) can produce cluster of galaxies in thoughts and abilities. However, as we get physically older (chuckle) it seems we just have to stay in the Milky Way Galaxy of storage space. This is why it is for us up in years to write down these thoughts when we get them.
And hopefully store them in a private (secure) way until you are ready to share these creations with the world; if this be your wish.
It was time to purchase the Scrivener 3 writing software for MAC!

That’s my experience. Feel Free to share yours!

Why Use Scrivener?
2 Helpful Videos in Getting to Know The Scrivener Writing Software

The first video to help us as an introduction to Scrivener comes from the makers of the software.
Getting Started – Scrivener’s Core Concepts – Literature and Latte Top 10 Scrivener TipsIt is also my pleasure to share the following video from Michael La Ronn of Author Level Up.
When it comes to Scrivener, you will find he has practical knowledge that will help you so much with getting started with this software. Michael La Ronn has valuable years of experience in the writing field period.

“Welcome to Author Level Up. I’m Michael La Ronn, and every week I publish writing craft videos to help you write better, write faster, have fun, and be prolific. I’ve written over 40 books and counting, and these videos are me documenting what I’ve learned every step of the way. Check out video archive for lots of great videos on how to be a writer, writing tips, productivity secrets, and more. I hope you find these videos helpful. I respond to most comments so if you want me to do a video on something just let me know in the comments. Be sure to subscribe, and thanks for visiting.”

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