Science Fiction (Sci-fi), let’s say upfront, has to be my favorite (entertainment) genre of all. It is; what it is, and I’ve enjoyed many stimulating conversations about it over the years!

Perceptive Readers, if you love space adventure movies, then we both most likely would get each other’s humor; while others look at us as aliens (pun intended for that reference).

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This special PAGE/POST pays homage to the many topics and subject matters in such films. In fact, Science Fiction — Sci-fi; has proven to be one of the most in-depth use of thought processes to unlock the imagination; especially for men.  Just a side thought, women seem to do this more naturally than men.   Just think about those many bedtime stories mothers have really gotten (acted out) into over the years and plays. Shucks, Dr. Seuss would be proud.

However, once the imaginative centers have been activated in men; you see productions like Star Trek, Star Wars, Space 1999, and we can go on and on! In time on this PAGE/POST, we probably will…

You have already noticed the special video display area in this PAGE/POST a couple of paragraphs above. In these slots, you will find reports and displays with the Scifi seasoning, if you will.  This information will at times go into in-dept interview video linked showings so you will receive a wider scope on the subject or topics at hand. 

Have you ever attended a Comic-con convention? Well, you now have the same light in which this PAGE/POST addresses matters.

All YOU Perceptive Readers, who appreciate the quote: “Live Long and Prosper.” will most likely appreciate the weekly postings on this page.

What is Happening in the Sci-Fi World?

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  • Wakanda Forever (Official Trailer Out)
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