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School Subjects-Are Some Better than Others?

School Subjects Topic Matter. Of course, everybody will have their own answer to that question. However, what determines which one we choose for our personal favorite? Our talent? The teachers we have? Different subjects may appeal to different people for a variety of reasons, but there is an importance to finding something enjoyable in each subject studied. To do this, we should examine the reasons we like or dislike any given subject.

Speaking for myself, I would pick English as the subject I most enjoy. It has always been an easy subject for me, but not always my favorite. No, my favorite subject used to be mathematics. In mathematics everything seemed to have a right answer. There was no gray area, or abstract ideas. It was nice to know that when I was finished with the work, and turned it into the teacher, it was right. If it happened to be wrong, there was always a way to correct it and get it right next time. As I got older, though, I started to enjoy writing. The abstract ideas and just allowing my creativity to take over really helped me to express myself. With this wonderful method of expressing my creative, and I might even say artistic self, English became my new favorite subject. This did not just include writing, I also began to enjoy reading others’ artistic expression, and joining them on the journeys taking place in their mind. Far from being just a subject at school, reading and writing became a large part of my life.

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Now when I think about my least favorite subject, science always comes to mind. Strangely enough, I really enjoy learning scientific ideas and seeing them at work in everyday life. However, at school this is not what was always taught. I remember more times where I listened to the teacher lecturing the class on how to behave than I do learning about physics or chemistry. This, sadly, continued through many years of public schooling. Also, I failed to see in some science subjects, and even later in more advanced mathematics classes, where I would use this information in life. I did notice, though, that even though I could not see an immediate application of the subject, learning about it was still interesting. It goes without saying that I learned enough to pass the courses and standardized tests, but then I noticed something else. Finding interesting points, even in a subject I did not especially care for, made the subject more likeable and easier to learn. Perhaps if I had better experiences in school, science would be higher up on my list of enjoyable subjects. As it stands, though, this is not the case.

School Subjects Topics Concluding Thoughts

As stated earlier, everyone will have their likes and dislikes. Some may like a subject because a kind teacher took the time to explain it in a different way, or maybe, they have some natural ability in a certain area. Whatever the case, we should all find something that interests us in any subject, even the ones we do not like. For those still in school, it will help combat boredom to a degree, and some may even find what they learned to be useful later on in life, if not for their employment, perhaps in some other area. Either way, always be happy to learn something new.


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