Scars To Your Beautiful (By Facing West) YOU are Beautiful!

Scars To Your Beautiful, YOU are Beautiful!  It is no surprise to me that Facing West would choose to make a music video cover about self-acceptance; namely, in “Scars To Your Beautiful.”  The condition they sing about is  all too real and heartrending for the ladies experiencing it and heart-breaking for the loved ones who discover this condition in them. What is this condition?

This condition has more than one symptom to it. Sometimes there are eating disorders and depression.

The condition has more than one cause. In today’s culture, teenage young ladies and women over twenty feel they are often under a lot of pressure to measure up to a physical “standard” of beauty.

And as was mentioned before, it is heartbreaking to see the loved ones tell them, “You are beautiful.” “Don’t just look in the physical mirror; beauty is also in the heart, and it shines outward.” But sadly when this condition anchors like a root in the mind’s perception of oneself, it is hard for the little depressed soul to feel otherwise.  Deep emotional scars hurt and for many persons take longer periods of time to heal when compared to surface scars.




Alessia Cara’s desire is to let young girls and ladies from all walks of life know they are beautiful. 

When a person goes to extremes to enhance or alter their appearance a person at times starts “Scaring the beautiful that you already are.” – Alessia Cara (On The View)

Here again, on the Product of Culture website aka POCbooks, It is a pleasure to present once more this dynamic  sisters songstress group named Facing West; as they sincerely sing to ones feeling scarred, Alessia Cara’s original song,  “Scars to Your Beautiful.”

Emotional pain. The struggle is real. Young people go through a lot. If you are a teenager, sometimes you just need some help getting your thoughts out.

Here at the Product of Culture website, we like to mention neat things, neat people, and helpful information. Yes, you already know about the good music videos the musicians featured at this website share with you. I’m grateful for each of them.
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Scars To Your Beautiful, YOU are Beautiful! Section 2

Speaking of helpful information, here is a book title:

Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work

When you do a search, it will bring up articles and the books you can download for free. JW.ORG, is a non-profit organization that for many years has helped  alleviate emotional pain in people by answering  spiritual questions with the Holy Bible. They have also aided humanitarian assistance  all over the world for young and old alike. Matthew 6:9-14, Jesus’ words, are very important to each member.

If you are a young person or even a parent, you will find this book and articles very helpful!  Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work


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