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Say what you mean Technical on the move

Dear Perceptive Subscribers,

Say what you mean and mean what you say

Below is an important subject that I will talk about from time to time in the future. It helps to know when and how to be clear on what is being said when something is broken and you want to relate that knowledge directly to someone.

People have a lot on their minds, do we not? It is just a waste of valuable time.

When Double Meaning Talk: A) Does not address the person to get their attention.

B) Does not tell most people how to fix a technical problem in a logical manner. Or even how to find the problem.

From my mind to your mind

Take care, James

Post below placed on minds.com

This is a quick FYI to you technical coders who like the pocbooks.com website

If you see something that is broken on the site please tell me.

Here is why. Today, a lot of people like to show how intelligent/witty they are by using double meanings in a lot of the things they say. Especially on the Internet. There is a time for fun and games and a time to be clear.

1) Please tell/address me what is broken and the location in clear English language.

Thank you so much,

Think you technical subscribers will find this of interest

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