Subscribers Feedback From the November 2013 archives, a subscription form sample

Hello ClaribelBrookin –,
Thank you for subscribing to the Pocbooks Website
This is a routine e-mail sent to subscribers who do not have a first name filled out in their subscriber information. I hope you understand that spammers use these methods. We desire to remove unverifiable e-mail addresses out of contact lists and databases.
If you took the time to subscribe, it shows an interest in the Product of Culture website aka Pocbooks. The writers here appreciate that you do and thank you. Please take an additional step to fill out your e-mail contact information. It is a very brief process.
You can either respond to this e-mail or go to the website and provide the following by logging in with your username and password:
A) First Name – Place an initial or full first name
B) Last Name – Place an initial or full last name

We know your time is valuable, this is why you have signed up for the registration to receive these articles via e-mail into your inbox. Please complete the process and help us to keep our database users of this website accurate and secure. Keep in mind your verified e-mail and username is white-listed so you can comment without moderation. All Unverified usernames by this process will Be Deleted within 5-7 days from the time stamp of this e-mail being sent.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Kind regards,
Product of Culture Website Administrator
P.S. It is not required; however, you are welcome to send or fill out additional information such as google plus, Twitter Handle, Etc..

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