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Samantha Preis-Singing Experience with Smooth Class

Samantha Preis-Singing Experience with Smooth Class
It is a pleasure to bring you once more a Product of Culture Website featured musician! Samantha Preis. Yes, I said (wrote) Samantha Preis.

UPDATED  January 1, 2018 New Original

Love You Better

In referring to Samantha Preis, Geoff Wilbur, while reviewing her “Good News” album, stated:

“Stylistically, Samantha Preis is a standard, piano-based jazz vocalist in the vein of Diana Krall or Jennifer (Zuffinetti) Denmark. Her rich, full, crisp, expressive voice is the sort that would sound equally well-placed at a piano bar, at a jazz club, or on a movie soundtrack… wherever you hear Samantha’s voice, you know it’s going to be a classy evening.” –

Album Review: Samantha Preis – Good News

People who can work with her on a professional level or engage in conversation about life, in general, relate that she is a remarkable human with a desire to see all humans enjoying life. How? Well you know music plays a major part in this coming from someone with notes of sheet music in her veins. Do you know what I mean?

In order to explore the sheet music statement in her veins further, the Product of Culture website is happy to provide this interview with Samantha. This busy independent musician hopes each person will gain value from her years of experience with music and performances. At the conclusion of the interview, you will also see links to her website and social media. By all means get in touch with this class of musician.

Samantha Preis-Singing Experience and Class

Samantha Preis answers in Bold print.

1)      Hi, Samantha, you majored in music am I correct? What are one or two things you learned about music (Styles, composures, or history) you think fans would appreciate being informed by you?

I think most of my musical palette was developed at a young age, actually… before I ever studied music. I always loved the music of the 60’s and 70’s, particularly Joni Mitchell, the Beatles, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, etc. I also love acoustic guitar and piano- Michael Hedges, Django Reinhardt, Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, etc. I was raised in a very musical family. There’s not a day I can remember when there wasn’t music playing in my household.


2)      What are your music instruments of choice?

Piano & Guitar. I really love all string instruments and hope to one day have the patience to learn to play more of them 🙂

3)      In referencing the music profession, could you make clear to the readers some of the situations you have to deal with to get the word out? Was it easy for you?

It was never easy, and it’s not easy now. I use social media to engage audiences a lot. I think social media is a great tool for keeping active with fans and getting news out, but it can also be overwhelming at times. Most indie artists don’t have huge marketing budgets to promote shows or pay for recording projects/tours so these things can take a lot of meticulous planning and budgeting.


4)      You are also very adept at using the social networks to promote your music. How much would you say it has helped in your successes?

Social Media is everything in this day and age. I have met some great people and musicians through social media. In fact, I am currently recording with rapper, T.O.N.E-z in Connecticut who I met through Twitter! 


5)      Do you have any other hobbies besides music?

I love all the arts. I used to act when I was younger but I kind of fell out of it when I was 12 or 13 when I started getting more serious about songwriting. I was also really into drawing and painting and danced for 10 years. Traveling is one of my biggest passions as well…. and food, of course! 😉


6)      What effect would you like for your music to have on people? For example; do you just want people to relax and have a good time or is there some message?

I want people to feel whatever they want to feel when they listen to my music, to interpret it however feels right, just like I do when I listen to my favorite artists. Many of my favorite songs written by other artists have hidden, personal meanings to me… maybe nothing the artists themselves could have imagined for their own work. I don’t think people can really control how a piece of art makes them feel.


7)      Samantha, you give interviews. And we know you have been asked many questions.  Still, I always like to ask if there’s a question you wish someone would ask you but they never do?  Please share with us why?

I’ve never thought about it. Nothing comes to mind but feel free to ask away!


8)      Where does your inspiration come from? Where do you see yourself performing in the near and (plans) extended future? List as many (dream) small & large venues as you like!

I have no idea where my inspiration comes from. I think it’s totally random. I go through periods of time of not wanting to play at all, and then suddenly will sit down one day and a whole song comes flowing out of nowhere, completely unplanned. I never sit in front on the piano with any real intention, never with any pressure to write or finish a song. I just sometimes can tap into something unexplained and everything just comes flowing out – like I’m channeling it from somewhere. I love small, intimate venues. I had the time of my life this summer in York, England for a few months performing about 4 nights per week at small, intimate venues. I particularly loved “The Golden Ball”, “The Habit”, “Sotano”, “Fossgate Social”, “Ye Olde Starre Inn”, “The Hop”, “The Nook”, “Dusk”, and many more… a truly magical place! These small, intimate venues remind me why I love doing what I do. I love feeling like everyone in a room is tuned in and experiencing something unique – like magic! There is such an incredible community of musicians in York. I really love England and would love to explore more of the UK in the near future.


Thank you much Samantha for taking the time out of your (VERY) busy schedule to put a smile on your fans and supporters face by sharing your music and thoughts!

411 on Samantha Preis’ Music

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Official http://www.samanthapreismusic.com

2. http://www.facebook.com/samanthapreismusic
3. http://www.twitter.com/samanthapreis
4. https://soundcloud.com/samantha-preis
5. http://www.reverbnation.com/samanthapreis

The New Single “LOST FOR ME” is now available!

Samantha Preis – Lost for Me (Official)


Find Samantha’s music at all these Internet stores:
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Samantha Preis-Singing Experience with Smooth Class

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