Samantha Preis News in the Music

Samantha Preis News in the Music

Ms. Samantha Preis’ musical discipline has been practiced by traveling the world.

Who is this individual? Samantha Preis is an American singer-songwriter.

She studied music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, and the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens, Greece, from 2006 to 2010, as well has at University College London (UCL) from 2013 to 2014.

What is her style of music? You hear such genres as pop, folk, and jazz. However, in contemplation, Samantha’s integrates soul, jazz and awareness to produce her unique sound.
Samantha’s 27 years of experience in this era of time arrives at your ears in ways you won’t expect. You may be wondering, “What does he mean?”

The answer.

You are anticipating to hear beautiful music from her for sure; but are you also prepared for the message in her different songs? Samantha Preis sings about the meditative (deep thinking) human heart and mind condition in ways that you will find thought-provoking, even spiritual at times.

*Samantha Preis – Our World (Official)

Samantha Preis Songwriting

Samantha explains her songwriting process in this way.

“My songwriting process is simple. The lyrics and the music have to fit together like a puzzle; I write them simultaneously. It is very important to me that the shape of the sounds match the notes I am playing in a way that is pleasing to the ears.”

As you, the listener, hear the notes from the guitar, percussion, and piano instruments being played, you will appreciate the smooth flow of her musical harmony. From uplifting jazz melodies to expressing soulful sadness in her songs, YOU as the listener will relate.

All you have to do is be prepared and relaxed at the same time to take the journey. A journey that involves you traveling with Samantha as you look in the same direction to see her eyes focusing on life and culture. Yes, it all comes through in her music with sincerity to understand and translate it to you, the companion listener.

*Samantha Preis – On Boylston (Official)

How can you receive all the newest updated information on Samantha Preis? Before I share this information with you, there is another interesting thought about listening.

There was a time when a person would come home and read the newspaper found on his/her doorstep or thrown in the bushes that he would pick up and take in the house. It was a pleasant moment of the day for the person to sit in his or her comfy spot to read the news of the day.

Now imagine yourself with a nice beverage while listening to Samantha’s music. I did not mention wine, nor coffee; though they are good conscience choices for some. The incentive is that the beverage should be what helps your heart to be content. Relaxed. Water will also do; you know(chuckle). Then sit back and just listen to Samantha Preis’ News in the Music; so to speak.

The description of news is a report of a recent event; intelligence; or noteworthy information. Well, according to this writer’s humble assessment, Samantha’s music is intelligent and noteworthy. It is a request in musical form to be aware of life and its news to the ears.

A lot of writers will also enjoy having her music playing in the background. I’m just mentioning this because of listening to her music while writing this article.

Now here are ways to keep up with Samantha’s Preis updates and music!


Samantha is back in the studio and scheduled to release a new single in 2016.

Hope this has provided some insight into Samantha Preis’ music. We conclude with her hit song “Good News” and a quote Samantha shares on her Facebook page.

“Without true love we just exist…” – Hal David

*Samantha Preis – Good News (Official)

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