Sage History Poetry Notes

How many conversations have you learned something important from them over the years? Most likely you would say ‘A Whole Lot of Em.’

Some of the conversations you forgot, others you wrote about, and some you painted. Chill with the graffiti; chuckle.

A light bulb goes on in your mind; sometimes years later, when you find out what some parents/persons (Sages) told you in lighthearted private conversations metaphorically expressing had serious energy of Truth.

And here you thought he or she was just telling you a story to make you laugh.

From the lions and bears some of the stories were about, to the outright universe having imaginary doorways.

While others forgot, talked about it with others, and painted; the L One R creates History in remembrance and Sage Notes.
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Sage History Poetry
III. Love in the 5th Dimension and Beyond

How much is a good partner worth?
Please allow the parameters to give birth
A child born with a certain kind of mind
Here are some thoughts that will flow in points of time

Lets be real or there will be no lasting deal
One word is more binding from an honest dimension of thought; than in a cave of jewels where the bearers have on rings

Give me a man or woman whose word is bond over a ring or contract any day
Granted this is not the dimension we live in this is the Sage’s confession Glad we met in the other one by mistake. Or was it destiny?

How could such a thing be? People pay many jewels and diamonds to travel in space by mechanical bots; a priceless trip some say. A Grand attempt causes the populace to say it is worth it!

Yet; the physical machinery they use at great cost pales in comparison to the minds of two genuine partners.
Our understanding is greater than rocket fuel for our travel
Our oxygen are all the emotions gifted to us in which without it we die.
Our love is the unbreakable armor more fortified than the strongest metal

Who needs a contract when you have a partner like this; yet, in this dimension we often do

Who needs money when you have a partner with the if you need it you got it mentality.
Yet; in this dimension we often need our own

With partners like this; even in this dimension we find ourselves grateful while waiting in expectations and hope for the priceless gifts of the love dimension materialized!