Running Into Madness -Poem
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Running Into Madness -Poem

Tetragrammaton meaning

You asked and did receive
It is the madness that keeps them running away
A lack of knowledge they purposely choose
The more you step closer
The more they run away
And you look in the mirror and say is it me?
Am I the oddball?
Am I mad?
For aeons it was normal to do his will
Infinity of years gone by the subjects walked faultlessly
But now in this small period of time
The madness has caused backwards thinking
What was classy is now considered no class
What is good is now considered bad
Bad is now considered good to a superlative nature
Running into madness awaits a ball and chain to others’ whims
Stand grounded for  the Creator of all things
And your true freedom will be coupled with true sanity

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