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Rhythmic Marie Digby “Outside Our Heads”

The Rhythmic Marié Digby “Outside Our Heads”


Marie Digby-Outside Our Heads — Remarks Come Into View

Marié has sold more than 400,000 albums worldwide. She has over 120 million YouTube views.

Marie’s Colors in Musical Instruments and Voice

Outside Our Heads Starts off with a synthesizer music sound. It has been commented on how she catches your attention with this gutsy opening. Marie is trying out new concepts that interconnect with her singing and music style.

For example, when Marie sings classics like Moon River, One Fine Day, etc… your mind can create a feeling of traveling; in this scenario Las Vegas, or out on a cruise ship enjoying a welcomed vacation!

In another example, when Marie plays the piano accompanying her smooth voice, the environment begins to change more into a dining hall where everyone is wearing their best and looking their best.
Like they say, “You look so sharp (dress code), I will have to wear band-aids after dancing with you.”

However, with “Outside Our Heads” Marie is boldly taking us in a direction more so on the music’s instrumentation. I place impetus on the music’s rhythm change, more so than her voice, because Marie has a distinct voice that longtime fans are familiar with and intuned no matter what pitch range (Just check out her videos on YouTube) she mixes in the creation of the song.

The Rhythmic Marie Digby-Outside Our Heads

Marie Digby-Outside Our Heads -Music Comes into View. Knowing the above statements on being intuned with Marie’s voice intonation can give you further insight into these stanzas, if you will, of “Outside Our Heads” poetic lyrics.

You can read the other language of me

Take me somewhere dark and new

Marie and Alexo Melo’s thoughts keep the fun and good beat of the song going for sure. In other words, every moment in this song provides something for you to taste and digest. Yes, we are in a poetic mood now. Inasmuch you have heard stated here before about Marie’s singing, such is her effect on the mind and heart of the listener.

Marie Digby-Outside Our Heads – Comments on the Music

– Johan Alexed of POP MUIZIK commented on the pulsating beat of the song made him “stop and listen.”

– Mystic Sons, referencing Marie, states: ‘US artist brings us a euphoric yet brooding new release with some serious trip-hop influences’

– Shebobs.net comments “It starts off gentle—like a music box—then “Outside Our Heads” combines one part drumline, two parts harmonious vocals, and a splash of synth to lure the listener to a “place outside our heads” like the Sirens of Greek myth.”

Marie describes what she and Alexo Melo created this way:
“Alexa and I wrote this as if it were a musical version of an abstract painting. We took a bunch of different sonic elements and tried to make something pleasing to the ear that makes you want to move. It’s definitely a big step out of my usual musical comfort zone which makes it even more exciting.”

Marie Digby-Outside Our Heads – Making Music With Musicians

Marie’s Collaboration with Alexo Melo gives us a chance to experience these four considerations on her unlimited aptitude in music.

The Rhythmic Marie Digby-Outside Our Heads

  1. Marie is able to collaborate with different musician types and producers. Classification of the artist doesn’t seem to entertain a fleeting thought when Marie likes something from people who creativeness involves a combination of singing, writing, and film production. After all, her voice stands on its merits with confidence. Over the years, and presently, she promotes her light-hearted soul of consciousness songs through collaborations. Music videos provided a bonus for listeners around the world.
  2. Notice with your tuned in ears the choice of instruments applied to Outside Our Heads. The intro is linked to a distinct sound that the generation dancing through the 80s will be identified. Remember the drama sitcoms, the clubs, and workouts with Walkman cassette players. Yes, the opening synthesized beat brings a new sound for Marie that an older generation of musicians may recall their musical birth and development in a particular decade matched with colorful apparel!
  3. ‘Outside Our Heads’ as you have heard mentioned in this article, possesses a beat that along with the lyrics and hook can and will be played at evening music venues. Observe the reactions of the listeners there. Unlike this writer, who will recognize Marie’s sweet singing voice in a crowded room, others will look up with focus and ask’Who Sings This Song?’
    The lyrics are written with precision and depth of meaning in the song. This song will be relatable and personal to the imagination and love of people who like to create, sing, and share with others who really appreciate Her; Him. All the intricate prisms of the human heart.
  4. Marie is a singer of classics, and yet we would not place her in a category of classical musicians. Marie is a singer of rock; however, she does not reside in the heavy medal genre either. With ballads, Marie is considered to be a specialist. You hear people comment on her sweet voice. All the same, Marie does not belong to one genre, she is an artist (music and abstract canvas) that embodies the music forms humans experience. Musicians like her have a knack for developing what you are requesting in a song.

It is nice to have this opportunity once more to share something new with you Readers! Here is Marie’s Outside our Heads.

Look around this site. There is more to read on Maria Digby’s music videos and performance dates. Hope you have enjoyed The Rhythmic Marié Digby Outside Our Heads — Remarks Come Into View.

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