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From the archives of July , 2015. Rednote Book an Underestimated Tool You Need

From Helpdesk tickets to spreadsheets, people who are active Information Technology professionals have used it all to keep track of things.

There are times when you have several tasks hit you all at the same time. To complete these tasks they will require multiple steps and notes. Still, the phone keeps ringing, and you are right in the middle of some configuration change. Now you may say, this is what helpdesk tickets are for, right?

Yes, they are. But have you ever typed in brainstorming thoughts that you just know you may never need them again, and those thoughts are just creating a lot of smoke in your documented notes that will one day be a knowledgebase? This is just one of the reasons Information Technology Professionals would want to use Rednote Book.

In the 2 minute video below, I show you in a typical day interruptions and progress you may experience; but also how Rednotebook can keep you on track. The focus will be on the following

Search Feature
Spell Check

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