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Rebecca Black and KHS- If We Were A Song – Original

Rebecca Black and KHS- If We Were A Song

A songstress and musician collaboration that produces the sounds in which they leave you asking? “How many years has this band been together?” Then when you find out they collaborate only a few times a year, you may next intimate this incentive, “Well, it sounds like they belong together.”

Music Art for Dance and Pop Culture’s Rhythm

Rebecca Black and KHS- If We Were A Song – Original

From Kurt Hugo Schneider’s beats to Rebecca  Black’s voice, this team’s performing art is going to fast-step the rhythm in you!

If We Were A Song is a creative work with an undeniable tempo that can help the listener to reflect on their close relationships (Friendships).

If we were a song, how would we sound? Would it be upbeat? Would it be sad? Would our song be filled with love and trust? No matter what we go through in life would the outcome prove to be “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough?” to break this bond?

You see, by Miss Rebecca Black and Kurt (KHS) writing and producing their NEW original in this way you can choose to dance, dance, dance for fun, or in thoughts of reflection seriously feel you need to tell someone, “We really need to work this out?”  “Look at the magnetized ways our minds have connected and the phenomenal atoms created that protrude nice things”

New Listener: “You mean I can get all of this from Miss Black’s & KHS original ‘If We Were A Song?’
The Connoisseur:  “You get that and more.”
For the most part, people will probably dance around the house (or inside the car) as they take care of this and that. All the same, here at the Product of Culture website, we at times expound upon songs emotions and thoughts that are in today’s environment; that are in your hearts.

Now it is a pleasure to be one of the first to introduce this original song with two very talented musicians in Rebecca Black and KHS:

Rebecca Black and KHS -If We Were A Song [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


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