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Reasons for Writing – Poem Recall

A few years ago, a book called “Poetry in the Mirror” was written by the author of this website. When the poem below was shared, it became popular in different cultural circles around the globe.

Young and older ones alike, who have written for joy and sometimes to with their pain, will get a chuckle and smile from “Reasons for Writing”

You ask a child why do you write?

The child says I have to practice my alphabet

to get it right.

You ask a teenager why do you write?

They may respond I have a thesis paper that

my teacher has added to my plight.

Oh, but ask an adult what is on your mind?

They will break out in song and poetry over time.

‘You write because the blank screen or page is there.’

‘You write to someone to let them know you care.’

‘You write due to all the creative capacity residing in thee.’

‘Yes, you write to set such intellectual aspirations free.’

Feel free to comment below what you have taken note about the poem. Why do you think it has been tweeted so much?

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