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Reading is Good


When you hear someone say, “I hate reading” or “I pick up a book only when I have to,” is your internal response “I’m sorry to hear that.” Depending on your mood, you may show it externally. Much has been said about the benefits of reading. Oh, there is a list large enough to cause a person to wonder why anyone would deliberately avoid reading. Reading really is “fundamental and fun” for people around the world. Who wants to avoid fun?

In this post, just one of the benefits will be expounded upon. At the end, you can express what you have seen how culture has been influenced by reading.

Analytical thinking is important

There is an abundance of information around today. How does a person decipher whether the data presented to them should be ignored, stored away, or acted upon?

Whether you read biographies, fiction, science fiction, non-fiction, to the how-to books, reading requires you to think. Thinking causes everyone to analyze good and bad consequences of many situations. Should I buy this car or that one? Is this job a good fit for me? Is this a creditable venture, or am I being sold swampland?

Reading helps us to not judge a book by its cover. How many books have you read that taught you something you would not have learned in a million years from your acquaintances and friends? One friend can tell you how to do something, but a book can give you systematic instructions for referencing when the friend is not around. The key is having the ability to follow instructions, which goes hand in hand with reading.

When a person reads, they become immersed in the book. Even the most tranquil of persons, who rarely speak up in public environments, seem to have words of wisdom for you in private. Why is this so? Inquire if the person has a bookshelf in his or her place. On the other hand, see if the person is reading a book at lunchtime or in some waiting room area. We see complicated problems people experience every day. Some problems seem to have no answers and may induce an individual to have their hands up in the air and exclaim, “I don’t know what to do.”

Well, reading has helped many to hold the perspective that “where there is a question, there is also an answer.” Analytical thinking facilitates a person’s power to recognize if the answer is factual, or not; if the answer is practical, or not.

Reading books bestows upon an individual confidence that he or she has made a good decision on a subject.

In reiteration, reading causes a person to be well informed and cultivates the mind to think clearly on small and great subjects pertaining to life.

Meditation and Reflection

The training or usage of ‘analytical thinking’ is enhanced through the process of meditation or reflection. Moreover, it helps in critical thinking. Whether you are analyzing facts from a spreadsheet, cooking ingredients, or assessments in making positive choices in your life; and ones close to you, would you agree it requires time to digest all the information you are reading? Hence, how often do you take the time to meditate? This is not an emptying of the mind as some do in certain practices around the globe. No, it is a purposeful contemplation of the task or project at hand. What life’s experiences teach you? What are you reading now to assist you? Even taking the time to better figure out how to know or help a friend. Such thoughts require attention and time to ‘digest’, if you will.


It would be interesting to know how much time readers, bloggers, and aspiring young writers set aside time to meditate?

Not that often
Several times a month
Several times a week
Once a day
Several times a day


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