Raven Poetry Tree

G’day Perceptive Readers and welcome to Raven Poetry Tree.

Here you will find poetry and the linked locations of Raven’s poetry. As you will read in the 4th section of this page, Raven’s poetry is exclusive to pocbooks.com

Raven Poetry – What POCBOOKS Exclusive Mean

Raven Poetry – What POCBOOKS Exclusive Mean:

  • Contract: I ( James Lynch Jr. Owner of POCBOOKS.COM not only have an affirmative word of mouth three times “Yes”; there is also a signed digital and paper contract for the next 7 years.
  • As the readers here are aware I do believe in sharing links and images. This means if you share a Raven Poem in any form YOU must keep, and/or place attribution to pocbooks.com
  • If you are a Fortune 500 company, I prefer your reps contact me with the page Raven Poetry has been placed on. A formal e-mail will do with less than paragraph of content; even though you are welcome to write more. See Example

Subject Line: Raven Poetry Exclusive at POCBOOKS.COM

Greetings, J.Lynch & Raven

I or the Brand, have placed the following Raven Poem Title on our website. Here is the link: https://fortune500company Proper attribution is stated: Raven Poetry Title is a prized exclusive of pocbooks.com all rights reserved.

Raven’s Recital

There is a Reason Recital By Raven Poetry.
It is my pleasure to introduce Raven Poetry! She has her own catalogue of writings that have never been published online; or anywhere else for that matter. She also does a pretty impressive job with drawing. So this a first find of exclusive talent featured here on pocbooks.com and no where else.

As you can see, there are two versions of this digital poem. The printed out version in this post and a digital copy of the poetry. You can expect to read more of Raven’s poetry throughout the year right here! Did I say, only here already? (Smile)

Do want to contact this talented Poet?

If any publishers are interested in contacting (Raven) her; feel free to send a request via email or @ me a line here on minds (My profile) and I assure you she will get your request for contact within twenty four hours. Raven will either contact you directly or through me for a formal conference call setup if necessary. Thank you for being here.