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Product of Culture Jasmine Thompson

Article Creations Product of Culture Jasmine Thompson is a post that provides music and interesting reading as well!


Welcome to Product(s) of Culture!

Some may view this as a reader’s digest; while I am resigned to look at this as my personal journal of sorts. Therefore, you are welcome to this distinctive feature of the website as it suits you.

A Writer’s Thoughts

There have been innumerable times over the years, when in a conversation, there was a misunderstanding. Have you ever been in that same boat?

Misunderstandings often require more effort to resolve. There are times a signaled wave of the hand, a nod of the head, and tapping of the foot may suffice when things are going smooth. However, when there is a rift, this is when a person has to step up their game, so to speak, or efforts.

For example, what if you hoped a friend would do something for you, but they just weren’t able to fulfill the request. Would you want to follow through with getting the answer as to why? Maybe the friend forgot. Perhaps at that designated time, they became sick.
How would you know?

Do you think it would be appropriate to follow up and see if the friend is all right?

For all any of us know, we may be contacting them at the right time where we then find they needed help with a severe situation.

Before we move on to the next section, there is a question I would like to share with you that has come about from a variety of thoughts from others asking me the same thing over the years.

QUESTION: How do I know when to expect something in return to a gift or transaction?

ALWAYS KEEP the Context in your mind, and when appropriate (saves from misunderstanding) inform the individual/audience of your intentions:
A) Social Interactions Giving; Nothing (circumstances) is expected in Return.
B) Professional and business interactions involve exchanges; even a simple “yes” or “no” spoken/written response.

Remember, at the very least, always strive to be dignified and kind in filial(family & friends) and professional settings.

Product of Culture Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson – there have been times when I wondered just how many parents and mature adults without children have adopted her into their hearts?

Most likely, there are parents right now saying, “I love my children, and I love the Jasmine Thompson’s songs they listen to every week, but one teenager is enough.”

Even though we are talking about the teenage years, Jasmine Thompson is going to be turning the big 1 – 8 in age this year. This young lady has grown up right in front of longtime YouTube subscribers channels. So since many viewers could not wishfully adopt Jasmine with legal family court papers, they were able to adopt her YouTube channel at least.

Why don’t you select that subscribe button right now?


Product of Culture Jasmine Thompson – June Musicians

As I proceeded to write this article, it gave me another opportunity to enjoy the whole “Wonderland” album more than four times in a row. Remember, I have to be thorough with my reviews you know. (Chuckle)

My consensus is still the same. Imagine for one moment if you were the owner (chief) of a profitable company, which some of the readers here are, and you purchased a luxurious cruise ship.

Well, even on this marvelous ship, you have unique rooms for events. You find out your childhood friends, mom, and father are coming by helicopter to visit you. Oh my goodness, the first thing you say is “Get the special rooms together!”

Now you have a choice of uniquely talented musicians and performers to place in these particular rooms. Oh with their music, you don’t even need a cruise ship to take you on a journey. But as you have related over the years to your executive captains, this ocean liner gives me just the right touch.

Inasmuch, you have them on your cruise-liner to give your employees and guest a range of emotions and memories.

There is one room everyone knows is your special of the unique places.
One new employee, well paid and nervous about picking the just right choice for this event, asks in the room full of your executives “Who will be in the lineup?”
They all in unison say, “Jasmine Thompson!!!!” “And while you are at it, place her chair at his/her (YOUR) dining table.”

The new executive states, “I guess, I won’t have to ask that question again.”

So it goes with Jasmine Thompson’s music.

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Jasmine Thompson The Professional

This section is to inform you of the present management and brand marketing companies Jasmine is partnered with at this time.



BRND MGMT is a talent management company based in Los Angeles, California founded by Matt Graham. We represent a variety of musicians and creatives.

Since she made her debut on the British charts in 2013 with a deconstruction of Rufus & Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody,” London-born singer-songwriter Jasmine Thompson has become a muse to a host of DJs and EDM producers. Felix Jaehn was so inspired by her version of the classic R&B hit that he created a remix, which climbed charts internationally reaching number one in many countries and amassing nearly 400M streams world-wide,…

The Italian sneakers brand that mixes sporty inspirations with glamour.



Professional Photos & Exclusives on Jasmine Thompson.

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Official fan site from Jasmine Thompson & biggest source for everything about Jasmine since 2014! ‘Wonderland’ EP out now everywhere! www.jasmine-thompson-fanpage.com/gallery/rucoline-presentation

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If you feel there is something here Product of Culture Jasmine Thompson – June (2018 and 2019 updates) Musicians  that made you feel good inside, then by all means look through the music presentations of all the singers and musicians mentioned in this article again and share it with others! Until next time, “When you read something that moves you to improve or change your life for the better, it becomes your reality.” – Product of Culture

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