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Prince’s Music and Culture, Prince Rodgers Nelson grew up during a time period when quite a few with his background were taught there are more opportunities than yesterday, but due to the blistering injustice publicly practiced during those times, they still needed to possess a hard diamond like determination to work twice as hard to get what you need.

The victories and losses, the compromises and the moments of truth; all modes a person. Being that Prince Rodgers Nelson acquired a passionate personality, if not from his father, then from his mother; along with a musical heart, it is no surprise that as his life’s experiences evolved, they would also be revealed in his music.

This article is not to highlight Prince’s full biography; However,  for your ease of location, here is his biography page on

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This article will highlight his music in relation to culture, album reviews, and the impression on the deep waters in this man’s heart.

We will begin with a list of his songs  on the album!

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Now we will move on to the reviews.

Prince’s Music Reviews

Candy Dhami

 It is 2015 and Prince is making music that is still touching souls and capturing hearts. This album was IT for me. I couldn’t have imagined it to be any better than it already is. And for the people who don’t like this album, cool, you have an opinion… But I stand strongly in my belief that this is some of Prince’s best work within the past 10, maybe even 15 years. My love for “HITnRUN: Phase 2″ was unexpected, but I am embracing every bit of it because good music should never be overlooked, underrated or go to waste. –


Video Reviews by NightChild

First Impressions of HITNRUN Phase 2







Album review: Prince’s ‘Phase Two’ charges ahead in meaning and vitality-By Mikael Wood, Los Angeles Times

A proudly organic companion to the EDM-inflected “Phase One,” Prince’s latest album shows that he hasn’t lost his interest in (or his knack for) the creeping funk and lush R&B balladry he was making in the early 1990s on records like the great “Diamonds and Pearls.” That set inaugurated his on-again/off-again relationship with the elaborate backup band he calls the New Power Generation, and the group returns for “HitNRun Phase Two” following Prince’s recent collaborations with 3rdeyegirl and the producer Joshua Welton.


The Purple One’s second album of the year is loved-up, socially conscious and always entertaining – Matthew Horton, NME

‘Phase Two’ is a different proposition. Pulled together over four years (and, in 1980s disco-jazz cast-off ‘Xtraloveable’, drawing on older material from the Paisley Park vaults), it reunites Prince with backing band The New Power Generation and his craftsman’s way with a song. It’s much warmer than ‘Phase One’, thanks to analogue recording equipment and Minneapolis brass crew Hornheads, as well as a desire to get romantic and not just plain dirty. Read more at

Prince’s Music Description

Do you desire to tune the dial in on what album or song made Prince a household name? This writer’s light-hearted opinion would say, “Purple Rain.” Others would say 1999, and so forth.

Purple Rain, from this writer’s view, is the song that you started to see more than the enamored inner-city fans in the 80’s era sing one of his songs. Now the ones who originally stated, “I wouldn’t give Prince the time of day” were going to the album stores to purchase his music.

*An 80’s event: As you listened to the radio going down a rural back road, Did I just hear a tune of Purple Rain from someone who is a staunch country music fan?” Your friend’s reply, “Yep, you certainly did.” *

Were you one of the fans who knew every word to the songs Purple Rain and When Doves Cry?  Then you will also remember Prince’s Rock R & B style of that period. Often, people mention his funk instrument style of playing to such a point, the conversation in some circles may never go into the caliber of his voice. The man has a beautiful voice that enhances the notes of melodious sounds his instruments creates.

Prince’s Music and Culture

Prince Rodgers Nelson was born on June 7, 1958, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

We referenced the time period of Prince’s birth at the beginning of this article. John Nelson, his father, was also known as a talented jazz musician. Prince’s mother, Mattie, is at times accredited with his more outgoing aspects of his personality.

Prince is a person who probably like a helpful friend empathizes with ones who experience depression. He has intimated experience with depression early in his career while promoting one of his albums.

Also, are you aware of Prince’s loss of a child/baby to death due to Pfeiffer syndrome? Even though the human condition of deteriorating body cells causes us over time to accept losing our dear loved ones in death, the loss of a child (infant) is felt in a different way. Because after all the high hopes of meeting this beautiful creation that came out or will come out of your loins, you then find out you won’t get to know this precious little gift; to spend time raising and loving her/him.

Have you ever wondered about Prince’s spiritual beliefs? Then read more in this  Prince’s Music and Culture article.

A Man of Faith

Prince is my brother. Not only my (spiritual)brother but a brother in the faith to millions around the world. You see, around the turn of the 21st century, after learning about the God of the Holy Bible, he dedicated his life to him through water baptism and became one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This being the case, Prince is loved for more than his music, but also someone who loves being a part of Jehovah’s universal family that is looking forward to living on a paradise earth forever.

Do we make mistakes? Of course, we do.

Do we try to get back up and try again? With God’s help, you can count on it.

Blood may be thicker than water; however, spiritual family bonds with God involved is surpassing love.

In other words, such a spiritual family also  practice loving one another through good and bad times.

Prince, A Man of Deep Waters

Starting as a young lad, over the decades, I’ve experienced someone in my family purchasing Prince’s albums. The last one I purchased is called Musicology. If I were blogging back in those days, I could have developed a commentary on several of the tracks kept in my selective playlist.  All the while tapping my feet and bopping my head to the sounds of his music.

With the above information being the case, it should also be divulged I have only listened to 3 of Prince’s new songs from the Phase 2 album. Therefore, the featured connoisseurs of his music posted in Prince’s Music Reviews

Baltimore is the song I chose to listen to more than once due to the heartbreaking condition experienced by all the citizens and occupations in Baltimore, Maryland this past year. A lot of people expressed happiness due to Prince’s “Rally 4 Peace”. And there are others who wonder if Prince should have been so heavily involved with the Powder keg of emotions during that time. Also, in that scene, he shared his mind’s and heart’s deep thoughts in a song called, “Baltimore;” was it too much?

Well, keep this as a takeaway. This musical report on Prince is not to speak disparagingly in any way about him. Its purpose is to give you some background on his life and culture to provide insight into the deep waters of his musical heart.

In some experiences with musicians as friends, you will find that often they become agitated regarding injustices and unreasonable boundaries. Some will say at times, “Why can’t they just get over or accept it?” Their free spirit as some notice is just the way many of them are wired. When they perceive excessive restraints or persecution, a volcanic flood of feelings come to the fore. If they are unable to do something constructive with such emotions, just like many humans today, it can have detrimental effects on the body, as well as outward appearances. You may go for a walk; musicians like Prince just have to sing.

Of course, we still have to use good judgment in what we say and do with our actions because we realize our accountability to the Grand Creator of all.

Enjoy the Gift of Music

It is hoped that you experienced something you didn’t know about Prince’s Music and Culture. Music is a powerful gift. And with today’s many steaming media outlets, you can often sample or listen to a whole album before you make a purchase. Many musicians allow you to pick and choose what tracks you want to purchase. So you do not always have to buy a whole album. The key thing to keep in mind is that even though these musicians have a gift for creating such marvelous sounds that we enjoy, they should be reimbursed for their skills. Yes, this is their occupation, and like any fine workman or woman, they deserve their wages.

Do you agree?

Then enjoy the Gift of Music

Prince’s Album available for purchase now!

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