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Prince Royce and Shakira in their hit duet DEJA VU

What do you get when you match these components in the art of music?

  • Intelligence/Experience In Writing and Video
  • The Exquisiteness Of Voice And Song
  • Hearts Of Fire
  • Bachata Dance

The answer is a collaboration with Prince Royce and Shakira in their  hit duet “Deja vu.”

The Product of Culture website author has written in times past about Shakira’s feelings about children and humanity. Now the Deja vu music video presents the opportunity to highlight a dance in the Dominican Republic culture called the bachata. Shakira is (IMHO) one of the best dancers in the world of the Hispanic culture. But you can ascertain that she is also a quick learner in other forms of the dance culture globally.

Prince Royce and Shakira in their hit duet DEJA VU

Prince Royce, this crooner, who’s voice is like silk.  In Deja vu, his smooth tone and Shakira’s reserved coloratura range tells a story of two lovers who have moved on (healed) from their past relationship, but are drawn back to one another while considering it is to their detriment. The music video makes me think about a time when the two met in the beginning stages. It was chemistry; there were openness and vulnerability.
Still, even though that time plays in their mind, neither can forget the pain that cut deep scars into their hearts, which they experienced time and time again; like Deja Vu. Will they fall back into the same routine?

Now the flipside of analyzing this video and looking at the ending, it could also mean that both of them have gone through this ordeal with their last love, but now in this new environment, they have found one another and ready to start a new adventure. — These are just my thoughts; you may experience the song and official video in a different way.
Feel free to let me know your take on the Deja Vu video in the comments.

Enough of my thoughts, I would now like to share with you the silky smooth song and dance presentation of Prince Royce & Shakira – Deja vu (Official Video)

Prince Royce and Shakira (Bachata Dance)

I hope you picked up some point in Prince Royce and Shakira in their hit duet DEJA VU that made you go, “I did not know that.” If so, feel free to share it with others. It is nice having you stop by!

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