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A Letter from a Student

 Greetings Readers,

How surprised would you be if you received the following note in your inbox?

A Student of the University of British Columbia studying for final exams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am an eleventh grade student and needed a piece of poetry in favor of exams. I have been searching for about a week when I finally found this link. I just want to thank you a lot because of this. Its an excellent work.

Would such expressions make your day? Yes, it probably would, and it made yours truly bubble forth a nice feeling from inside that a student appreciates the poem Final Exams.   I promptly sent this student a thank you note.

This poem is also featured in the illustrated Poetry in the Mirror book. The illustrated version is located at Amazon.

UPDATE For the readers and subscribers to this website, there is now a special epub addition of “Poetry in The Mirror.” The table of contents will allow you to click on your favorite poem without having to scroll through additional pages.  This is the first one! Keep in mind, unlike the paperback version, there are no illustrations in this special edition of the book. See ReadMill download Widget to the right of the blog.




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