How often do you Meditate?

Dear Interested Ones,
I once wrote an article about reading. It cited helpful reasons on why it is important to read. This post addresses the necessity to think deeply.

Meditate definition

It is necessary to give a precise context of the mind exercise we are talking about. This description is taken from
• to engage in contemplation or reflection
• to focus one’s thoughts on : reflect on or ponder over
• to plan or project in the mind : intend, purpose

Why Meditate?

The training or usage of ‘analytical thinking’ is enhanced for one reason. Moreover, it helps in critical thinking. Whether you are analyzing facts from a spreadsheet, cooking ingredients, or assessments in making positive choices in your life; and ones close to you, would you agree it requires time to digest all the information you are reading? Hence, how often do you take the time to meditate? For emphasis, this is not an emptying of the mind. No, it is a purposeful contemplation of the task at hand. What life’s experiences teach you? What are you reading now to help you? Even taking the time to figure better out how to know or help a friend. Such thoughts require attention and time to ‘digest,’ if you will.

It would be interesting to know how much time you readers, bloggers, and aspiring young writers set aside time to meditate.

Not that often

Several times a month

Several times a week

Once  a day

Several times a day


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