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Poetry Writer N.C. Her Way

Poetry Writer N.C. Her Way

Her way
Oh, the way she drank her tea, with a book by her side.

She, so beautiful.

Strangely oblivious to the rest of the world, reading yet another word.

The endless hunger growing in her eyes,

Smile painted on her face.

And then, she glanced my way, her glasses steamed.

And as she smiled, I knew she had her own way to life.

So, her way, became my way, without a reason.

She warmed my heart, as the tea warmed hers.

And I did not know how, or when she bewitched me.

So, I put the kettle on, and made another cup of tea.

“The storyteller and writer from Poland, working on my own book.

I always try to catch my dreams by believing in them, with all the power growing deep inside of me. What drives me through my life is being positive at all time and trying to do right, with kindness of my heart.

I was raised on fairy tales and books, which made me the person I am now. I must say, that I am truly happy, by whom I became.” – N.C.

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