The preciousness, inasmuch; worthiness of PoeArtistry. Art and Music opens and communicates to our mind the realms of imagination and facts. The Honor in Pure Intention brings about the priceless treasures in the universe .

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“That’s an artist’s pension plan; that’s their retirement, that’s their legacy, that’s what they want to leave to their children.” – Dr. (Honorary Degree in Fine Arts) Taylor S.

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Knowledge Is

Knowledge is like a cold ripen perfectly watermelon on a hot day 

Knowledge is like every tasty vegetable, from the tangy to the sweet

Knowledge is like the finest wine aged to perfection

Knowledge, certain kinds, can also be like moonshine, meaning you have to be at an aged maturity and strength to handle such, YES, Such Power; if at all

Knowledge is the sun in all its masculine light

Knowledge is the moon who uses the sun’s rays perfectly to help all her children

However, knowledge in its zenith degree is the True God Himself. He created all of the above.

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