A Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste

A “Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste.” Story Time with the Author and Narrator. You can turn out alright even when you think otherwise. With a little help from an ultimate friend.
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste This event is old enough to resonate not just with the young, but old alike. As the narrator shares this story, think have you would have responded in similar circumstances. Most people will readily say, “I like to think I will do things just so in a positive way.” All the same, what would you do to cause everything to work out okay for the protagonist in the story? Then here are more thoughts to consider. If you feel there is nothing in the power of your hands to do to help, how would you plan for the future so at the very least you will feel empowered for the future? Yes, this podcast is designed to give you something to think about, told in the way Southern style cultures related such fun stories to their children.
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