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Poem and Art joys in PoeArtisry; poets and musician priceless jewels. A Product of Culture Creative Expression By James Lynch
PoeArtistry; Sage that is…

Story Telling For Your Heart

Do You Enjoy Story Telling? What is a talent of a good story teller? How do they help us to remember? Let’s talk about it in this encouraging pocbooks update moment.

William Shakespeare Meaningful Poetry

William Shakespeare, what did poetry mean for him? A writer’s soul often hopes to touch another’s life in a way that reveals we indeed are all connected by L.O.V.E. and not just DNA.
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Would You Still Bestow This

Take a look outside and inside to see how you would respond in these scenarios? There are others who have been through it, and see what thoughts factored in their decisions and choices, if you will?

Job Spiritual Warfare Part Two

Perceptive Readers, this is the conclusion to the on spiritual warfare and are you involved? I greatly encourage you to check out part one of this discussion. Hope you have a pleasant to a wonderful day.

You May want to know where part 1 is located: pocbooks.com/podcast/spiritual-warfare-are-you-involved/

What is Success To You

Perceptive Readers, what is success to you? I pretty sure it is linked to the freedom for enjoying an exquisite quality of life. Let’s discuss it in this pocbooks update moment. Thank you for caring and sharing this podcast.

Champion or Whipping Boy

Champion or Whipping Boy in a Matrix. Have you also read “Sage in a Matrix” By James Lynch Jr? This and more can be found at pocbooks.com. Thank you for caring and sharing.

Enliven By Julijana Sarac In Love Commentary

Enliven By Julijana Sarac In Love Commentary
Sage PoeArtistry Commentary Topic:

“Enliven” Album By Pianist Julijana Sarac.

“In Love” Commentary By Perceptive Reader See Booknet.com

“I put a spell on you/Mr.Beethoven” from published album #Enliven
Check it out on youtube, spotify, itunes, and amazon.

Spiritual Warfare Are You Involved

People have been talking about Spiritual Warfare for years. What are they talking about? Why is this so important? This is more than a coffee lounge discussion, people everywhere wonder about this.

Honoring Honesty

Honoring Honesty in this discussion.
Find out just how much this makes others and yes, our own-selves feel good inside and sleep well at night. Thank you for caring and sharing this pocbooks update moment.