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POCBOOKS Poetry Week Days 4 -7 Summary

What a week! POCBOOKS Poetry Week Days 4 -7 Summary

To start, scroll through and relive the talent you experienced the week of April 7 -14!

POCBOOKS Poetry Week Days 4 -7 Summary

Poetry Week Day 4 Highlights

Poetry Writer – The Name in You
Julien Miquel Wine Expert and Maker
Getting to Know the Scrivener Writing Software
Cindy Lou’s Captivating Poetry
A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 1

Videos showcased
1 Jordan Peterson
2 Alicia Keys
3 Jasmine Thompson
4 Abbie Emmons

Homepage Featured Articles Day 5 – 7

1 Young and Old Golf Masters in Famous Tournaments

2 6.24 Billion Visa and Mastercard Class Action Settlement

3 YOU like to Write here?

4 Day of mine-Poetry in Text

5 Penne Cole with 4 more Food and Travel Suggestions

*Penne Cole Traveling and Food Expertise

* Samepage Productivity and Privacy Distinction

* Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 2 Insight

* Nosey with Knowledge – on the move

1 Poetry Writer N.C. Her Way

2 How Sake is Made — It is Fascinating

3 Exploring the Sydney Harbour National Park — Penne 4 Your Thoughts

4 An Equestrian Channel Worth Checking Out

5 Horses Like Dale have Personalities

Videos showcased

1 Elizabeth – Beautiful Journey

2 Robyn Ardery

3 Project Happy Home

4 L.A. Salami

* Sarah Kay & Phil Kay

* Darius Simpson & Scout Bostley

* Against The Current

* Jasmine Thompson

  1. The Dodo Soulmates
  2. Burnie Bee
  3. Akeelah And The Bee – Deepest Fear

The Five Benefits of Poetry

  1. Reading poetry makes you a better public speaker.
  2. The varying forms force you to be concise.
  3. The constraints force you to use stronger vocabulary.
  4. Poetry can be combined with other art forms.
  5. Poetry fosters empathy by allowing you to connect to yourself and others.

– Information from Odysseyonline

POCBOOKS Poetry Month Best Wishes

I hope you have enjoyed this POCBOOKS captivating poetry month of talent! As you observed, there were addition videos highlighted to give us some thing to think about. When people talk to one another, it relays information; However, it also rivets the soul as poetry shows.

Let’s continue to communicate what we mean, and mean what we say, with the goal of still touching a heart in the way it is needed to be touched. We are certainly made up in different ways.

The ones who feel also think in accordance with reason or logic. This is needed every single day. You can speak with passion, and yet when it comes to resolving a problem, it is calmness that makes the way for a peaceful solution.

Beauty is as Beauty does. 🙂

Until next time, continue to enhance your quality of life in word and deed. – J.L. (POCBOOKS Poetry Week)

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