POCBOOKS Poetry Week Day 2 Summary

Welcome to the Poetry Week Day 2 Summary!

POCBOOKS Poetry Week Day 2 Summary

April 7, 2019 POCBOOKS Week Summary

Welcome to the POCBOOKS Poetry Week! Day 2 started today.
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Today’s summary

Homepage Featured Articles

  1.  Poetry Writer N.C. Her Way
  2. How Sake is Made — It is Fascinating
  3. Exploring the Sydney Harbour National Park — Penne 4 Your Thoughts
  4. An Equestrian Channel Worth Checking Out
  5. Horses Like Dale have Personalities

Videos showcased

  1. Elizabeth – Beautiful Journey
  2. Robyn Ardery
  3. Project Happy Home
  4. L.A. Salami

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Poetry Week Day 2 Summary!

You will find this was a phenomenal week of writings and poetry entertainment. Will there be a poetry next week during the poetry month?  We will see. In the meanwhile, by sharing this, it will give me something to measure and prepare for by the responses.  Have a great day!

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