POCBOOKS Poetry Week Day 1 Summary

Welcome to the Poetry Week Day 1 summary here at the Product of Culture website.

POCBOOKS Poetry Week Day 1 Summary

April 7, 2019 POCBOOKS Week Summary

Welcome to the POCBOOKS Poetry Week! Day 1 started today.
With the usage of the Hash tag #pocbookspoetryweek you will find articles and videos featured on POCBOOKS.com

Yes April 7 -14, 2019 look for #pocbookspoetryweek on all these channels:

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Now for today’s summary

Homepage Featured Articles

  1. Kate McGill Dive Deeper with Marie Digby
  2. Showcasing Poetry Writer KiBLS — Poem 5
  3. Unlived Dreams By Kellie-Anne
  4. 13 Ways to Support Poetry – guest blog post by Dick Allen — Trish Hopkinson
  5. Stevie Wonder AS song. A Movement Pause of Thought

Videos showcased

1 Kayo

2 Jasmine Thompson

3 Rachel Leong

4  Shawn Presley 

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