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Pleasure to Showcase Poetry Writer KiBLS Poem 4

A KiBLS Poem featured presentation.

A Pleasure to Showcase KiBLS Poem 4

Greetings. Over the years, you have read student reports, author’s writings, interesting poetry here at the Product of Culture website. It has been a pleasure to showcase these talented writers & artists here for the perceptive readers. So far, we have read several of his poems here in 2019 . Let’s continue with the poetry writer whose name is KiBLS.

You first saw his creative works highlighted here in 2018:
KiBLS The Poet

Kibls uses his free flowing thoughts to make some of the most interesting poetry. He also posts poetry in the Product of Culture Minds.com group as well.

Poem 4 – The true power

The true power

My mind is now pure and clear.
As beautiful as it has not been for a long time.
It is powerful and strongly matured.
Almost unbending and stiff.

Only love fulfills him
And revealed to me the true meaning of life.
Love is the origin of everything,
with this knowledge, all power will be concentrated.

No one can destroy it,
and yet many will dare.
They will fail and be burned.
From the fire that’s burning in my heart.

The power is so strong and pure.
It can only be God’s love.
It is truly the greatest power,
which I have now unleashed.

People now remember the endless power,
which truly creates everything through God’s love.
My message will spread widely,
and thus separate the good from the evil.

(written by KiBLS)

#poetry #philosophy #poem #freespeech #power

Author: KiBLS | Written: ~2008 | Published: 03.03.2019 | German original:  License: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

e-Book: Poems of the new time

Copyright and license information

It has been my pleasure to  Showcase KiBLS The Poet — Poem 4 The true power

The website’s Owner Poetry corner

Hoping the enhancement quality of life is ever present for you!

Enjoy the Coffee – Poem  By James Lynch Jr.

When most of us were little or young.
Drinking coffee with the adults was fun.

It was not necessarily a drink we had to have.
It did not work on you as the adults like a salve
Now we are older.

And the taste of it cries to us every morning ever so bolder.
Decaf or caffeinated are the choices of our pleasure.
Ahh, the sweet smell and taste of coffee who can measure.


Much appreciation for you and the others you tell about this website.

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