Phoenix A Facing West Original of Rebirth

Phoenix A Facing West Original of Rebirth

Phoenix A Facing West’s Original song of determination and  rebirth.

Facing West’s original writings and selections of music often have a purpose for you to contemplate a specific situation and then encourages you to choose what is best for you. In another way of viewing some of their backdrops, it is like they are asking the listener to “Look where you are at present, whether it is a station in life or environment, and move to the right decision for you.” ‘Right,’ being what will make you happier and in a more positive setting or the environment. Let’s briefly examine information that will provide insight on their new song Phoenix and the dynamic Facing West band!

What is the Phoenix’s Meaning?

The story of the Phoenix comes from Greek Mythology. This bird’s supernatural power is in its ability to be reborn after it dies in a phenomenal display of fire.  The rebirths of the Phoenix over the centuries and cultures have come to be associated with more than one symbolic meaning; from the magical to the spiritual. What some students come away with who have studied the subject of the Phoenix is this:

You can go through an experience where you know something has figuratively/symbolically died inside of you, but you rise out of the experience renewed and ever stronger than before!

Just imagine what you are able to accomplish then? In a manner of speaking, will the skies even be a limitation?

Facing West- Mindset for The Phoenix Song

Facing West, Caitlin & Sidney, are free-spirited and a genuine young ladies band. Notice their statement about “Phoenix,” a song they have molded with their hearts and spirit.

Facing West: “Phoenix blends our love for traditional instruments and vocal harmonies alongside a steady feel of current radio.”

It is a pleasure to present Facing West’ original music video and song Phoenix!

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