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Personalities for Emergencies and Beyond


Dear Personalities,

When you hear the words, Life Guards, Nurses, Search and Rescue Coast Guards, Firefighters, Peace Officers, and Doctors; what thoughts come to mind? The majority of people would conclude that these are the people who will help you, especially when you are in a jam! Ahh, the mind of a child. Words of children saying “I want to be a _______ when I grow up.” Parents just love to hear their children express their love of humanity and desire to help people.  Do you personally know someone who works in departments that provide emergency services for the community?

When thinking about the characteristics of such ones these thoughts will come to mind for many of us:

  • Alertness
  • Considerate
  • Impartial
  • Competent

It is no doubt you have additional positive feelings towards these ones (personalities) who often extend themselves over many hours of each day in providing emergency help for all sorts of people; no matter what their background and culture happens to be. Yes, when a person is in need, their cry for help is heard and often answered by the ones mentioned in the first paragraph. Inasmuch, it is the qualities mentioned above that have caused humans sensitive to the needs of others to appreciate these ones in emergency services. How many of us have not only said thank you, but THANK YOU! THANK YOU! …

Well, have you ever felt a pain inside that has nothing to do with physical pain? Your stomach does not hurt. No bones are out of joint. You are not physically stranded somewhere. There is nothing you would call the emergency services (personalities) for because it is pain of the figurative heart and mind. This type of pain appears for some of these following reasons:

  • Losses of Loved Ones through Old Age and Death
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Unanswered Spiritual Yearnings
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The three areas just mentioned requires time, help and attention that goes beyond the scope of emergency services. We appreciate how emergency services move in at fast speeds to help us out of immediate physical danger. However, even though the pain of the heart and spirit people endure requires more time, is it any less of importance to have ones who can help others to be rescued from  these pains in this day and age? When a person experiences those types of grief, would you say it feels like an emergency for them and they want to receive help?

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