Perceptive Thinking Survey Cinderella

How about this Survey Cinderella to give your thinking caps a work out?

Perceptive Thinking Survey Cinderella

Here is a Big Thought Survey
Imagine meeting a person and you both get along wonderfully.

But like in the Cinderella story, the person is surrounded by persons who are jealous of her/him.

Do you think you could be a strong friend for a person in the Cinderella circumstances?

A) What challenges would you face?

B) How would you overcome the challenges?

Or would you give up?

Please post your important opinion/feedback in the MINDS (see link) comments

There is also a contact form below for you to send me your response directly.  Be assured, your e-mail address will not be given out or sold to third parties. Can you think of any surveys you have participated in the past online?  What were the results?

Honesty is so important in surveys. Especially when the resulting facts are designed to make new things or improve on already established routines and products.

Honesty is the best policy.

If you have enjoyed the above brain exercise, by all means share it with someone you know will get a kick out of it! For example, how did you find this website?  Was it from the search engines or a proactive friend?

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