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Perceptive Readers 4m Podcast Kina Grannis

Featured in this Podcast Kina Grannis Birds Shinning

Two Poems: Seeing Real Beauty and Life’s Recreation

Enjoy this Product of Culture podcast Kina Grannis episode 4m. Kind regards James

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Revisiting an Archived excerpt:

It was about 5 years later. Lucas borrowed Kevin’s car to pick up groceries from the grocery store and parked it in an area where there was little lighting. As he backed, backed, backed; “CRUUUUNNNNNCCHH!” Oh, this did not sound good at all. How could that little fire hydrant cause so much harm to the car? Lucas was ashamed when he drove the car to Kevin’s house. As Kevin left the house and approached to examine the damage Lucas described to him, he said, “That’s okay. You forgave me when I needed you the most. I learned from you how to forgive.”

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