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Opening: African Grey Parrot 

This Episode: The Perceptive Readers Podcast 4j continues with a Mark Twain Classic. The Prince and The Pauper Chapter 5 Commentary and Reading.

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See African Grey Parrot Reference

By reading The African Grey Parrot Home with Shira article you find out the following information and more:

These birds are intelligent with a distinct red tail. They can learn a vocabulary of over 1,500 words. You never have to carry on a conversation with yourself again. An interesting point is the price cost for the African Grey; which ranges from the mid hundreds in US currency to thousands of dollars. Take a look at the photos below of this beautiful bird.

Perceptive Readers 4j Podcast Mark Twain
See the Mark Twain Story Reference

By reading  the Prince and the Pauper Profound Reading 5  Reference

Being caught with your hand in the cookie jar is not a good feeling. Especially when the one who gave you the permission to eat the cookie is not around to vouch for the gift they gave you.
Whether or not they have the authority to bestow such permissions upon you is besides the point. Not when you need them to stand with you now.

It can make the difference between you looking like a zealous person just doing what you were told or a sneaky cookie monster rebel. – Enjoy this episode!

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