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Perceptive Readers 2.0 EP 3

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This Perceptive Readers Episode Topics

Hearing and Reading with Rational thought
A look into Tori Kelly’s Reasons for Smiling.
Meiko’s Question on Free Music

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Bulletin Board This week


A) Samantha Preis


B) Marie Digby is creating music videos! Learn more about it on her Patreon page.




D) Kina Grannis  YouTube Channel


Do you enjoy reading?

The Perceptive Readers Podcast! This is where all the information you have read over the years exercise its meaning today.
What is knowledge for anyway? It is for us to put two and two together, in a manner of speaking, for our benefit.
Over the years, you have read to learn, to be happy, and to communicate. We now have this opportunity to communicate more through the Perceptive Readers Podcast 2.0
With your prowess in listening and reading each week, we will have something to talk about in an interesting manner.

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