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Penne Cole’s Traveling and Food Expertise

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There are some people you find are at the top of their field in expertise. In other words, they know what they are talking about. Penne Cole falls into this category. I’ve known Penne for over  5 years, thanks to the Social Media tools of the Internet. She took the time to explain to me how Social Media works, and showed me by word and deed that she was always willing to sincerely help me. As a helpful tip category, I wrote a feature about Penne Cole a few years ago, when I only had less than a few visitors a month. (We don’t need to talk about that time period. LOL)
All the same, some of her information has been updated since then, and as a helpful service to you, it is applicable to also update you and newly interest ones.

Penne Cole travels the world and possesses knowledge in the areas of hotels and accommodations. Penne Cole’s experience includes:

● Being a freelance writer she seeks out a variety of topics and writes in a way that the most complicated of subjects can easily be understood.
● Career in management consulting was a natural progression after getting a degree in Economics from Princeton University.

If you desire to know more about Penne’s travels to Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America; you can read her hotel reviews at
Penne 4 Your Thoughts.

Penne Cole—Penne 4 Your Thoughts Website

Thoughts on food, travel and more

In times past, I have light-heartedly referenced of Penne that she could be a “chef”, but in her modesty, she declines the title. You can decide for yourself by viewing the food section of her website.

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Whether she is visiting her family or restaurants from all over the world, Penne shares the fine cultural delicacies of these meals with you through her writings and pictures at the website. If you are on a diet, then you may want to walk past the dessert articles. (Good night! You may gain a pound viewing the pictures)

Referencing Penne Coles’ website articles before travel will provide you choices; in addition to saving you time and expense. Especially if you are DOG TIRED!




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