Penne Cole Reviews Cambodia Tasty Dishes

Penne Cole Reviews Cambodia Tasty Dishes
Yes, we are going to talk about a favorite subject for many today. Food (Laughing with you). Why? Because Penne Cole wrote a two-part article on Cambodia cuisines.
Just think about it. When you hear the word Cambodia roll from someone’s lips, are they usually talking about some of best mouthwatering dishes they have ever tasted?

In reviewing my history on the subject of Cambodia, if it were not for Penne and her blog, the conversation of food would not be front and center in mind. Now, aren’t we happy to know about the website?

As a recap, for new readers, Penne Cole is a prolific reader and writer with style! Every so many months, this (Product of Culture) website likes to highlight some of Penne’s recent posts, so the new readers are made aware of why Penne and her blog are both neat personalities to become acquainted with for information on several subjects.

As stated in the title, Penne has some FYI on nice places to eat at in Cambodia when you are in that neck of the woods; so to speak.
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Penne Excerpt: “I’m not sure how we came across Sovanna, but when we arrived, the place was packed with locals with not a tourist in sight – a great sign. The barbeque was going at the front of the restaurant and you could choose from a variety of different cuts of meat. The locals make a sauce out of lime juice, soy sauce, garlic and chilli. Once your meat arrives, simply dip and enjoy. We ordered the spicy chicken, which was amazing – tender and juicy and very fiery. For us, it was the best bbq in Cambodia. “ READ MORE

In Penne’s A foodie’s guide to Cambodia (Part 2) she opened with:
“Before going to Cambodia, I asked my family where to get the best food in Cambodia. My brother had lived in Phnom Penh for six months and my parents had visited the country a couple of times. Their answer was depressing:” Find out the response and more of Penne’s experience. READ MORE

Penne Cole the Professional Profile
‘My name is Penne Pullen and I’m a management consultant by profession. I started this blog when I took a year off from work to finish my Masters in Business Administration in France. I loved living in Europe and took advantage of every travel – and eating! – opportunity I could find.

I also love to eat. One of the best parts of travel is sampling the local cuisine! They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I say that the window to a culture’s soul is through its food.

As a freelance writer, my work can be found on Constant Content. I’m also available for custom writing assignments, so please reach out through my Facebook site below. ‘- Penne

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