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The Patience of Hope-Open Letter

Patience, when seen through a, me-first generation, will at times look unpractical. This is one of those journal like posts that asks you,” Why do you think patience is important?”

If it was not for patience over the years from loved ones that we know, would we have learned, what we needed to learn? Would we have benefited if someone did not give us time to “get it” as the expression goes? Why; in some situations, who of us would even be here today if someone did not have patience with us?

These are helpful questions because there is an attitude being pressured more and more upon people to be aggressive with others. And if an individual cannot get his or her way, a person can often lose patience, and what type of attitude will we adopt then:


A) One of, if I am unhappy, then I will become retaliatory on everything?


B) We live in difficult times, I need people to have patience when it comes to me, should I practice having it with others?

Hopefully, at least as a regular reader here, you have come to appreciate the difference in what man is capable of fixing with all the technological advancements included, and things that only God can fix.

God is patient with us. 1 Peter 5: 6-7 is so encouraging. And ones who understand and then benefit from his patience are often so happy that they express, “I am grateful God did not treat me in a way I deserve!” Please see 2 Pet 3:9

Patience and Hope

So patience [the ability to wait for a long time without becoming annoyed or upset] is difficult at times, and it is necessary to understand what we can control, and what we can’t. It is necessary to accept what is in our roles of authority and responsibility, and what only the Grand Creator has reserved only for himself to decide. Yes, when he acts, AND HE DOES ACT, all who look to him will certainly be glad they listened.

Since this is a form of a journal letter for you, (Little Ones) here is a video that you will appreciate, especially when people undermine and are mean to you. This will help you to pray for more patience and focus on the fulfilled hope that lies ahead.

Michael Hansen—Discusses Romans 12:19
[Dictionary Quote Learner’s Dictionary]

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