Part 3 Creative Writing and Enthralling Results

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Part 3 Creative Writing and Enthralling Results

Perceptive Readers, I hope this day finds you in great spirits and a cup of coffee in hand. Since you are drinking coffee, this is probably the mood. (Chuckle)

During the start of this week, I engaged in a creative writing exercise involving ideas and inspiration which formulates the whole experience.

See Creative Writings Ideas

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The above references are on the website in writings and podcast commentary.

Reflection in October

Over the years, I’ve listened to writers express what putting pen to paper means to them. There is an exhilaration in the mind that causes life to all the more make sense in this corner of the universe. Wait a minute, since the universe is infinite, we have to make a correction and say, Our little speck in the universe. What a wonderful gift of life it is to have infinite opportunities available to us throughout eternity!

The Inspiration

Have you ever said, “This is inspiring!”
Have you asked the question, “Where do you get your inspiration?”

You may use music. You may also use an observation or experience. Just by reading someone’s letter to you can stay with you for a lifetime that serves as a point of reference to many conversations.

Being in your favorite environment, whether a cozy room, park bench, on a ship, or mountain cabin, will release creative energies you may not even have thought were in you.

Do you see why writers, write?

Human Emotion and Experience

You have every Human Emotion and Experience at your fingertips!

So what shall we implement today in a way of ideas and inspiration?

How about music and interesting writings? I will be going in the following order with no minimum word count or goal completion.

This is Called: The Authentic Self Will Shine Through

12 topics of discussion made in each set of 4

Hans Zimmer – A Small Measure of Peace
Some will agree, “The most beautiful classical song ever created.” In order for the ones who have stated the above to feel this way, it is most likely due to some experience of desiring peace. In “The Last Samurai” story by John Logan; Saigō Takamori’s life became the inspiration. In part, does it matter that some areas are romanticized in creative writing? You Perceptive Readers already know the answer to this question. What is evident in each one of us though, are our feelings and what affects them.

For example, trauma leaves scars. People go through different experiences, and even though the experience may be different, the traumatic effect produced the same result in them. Which is some form of addiction, or coping mechanism; or both. The music reflects on the moments; windows of time; if you will, where the person finds peace from all the hurtful effects of the trauma. The hurtful emotions may return in the future after this window of time, but at least for now during this song, Such ones are experiencing a small measure of peace.

The Count of Monte Cristo: I’m a Priest, Not a Saint

The Count of Monte Cristo, a literary work that shows just what prolonged injustice can do to a person some may say have “A heart of Gold.” The mindset is not to be trifled with, and this story shows it in calculated detail. This is trauma upon a person who has no additions, per se, or needed coping mechanism, but the cold dish of revenge dug down deep into the heart of Edmond Dante. When writers create characters like Edmond, they may have studied non-fiction research on law enforcement and the criminal mind.

Still, in order to resolve what Edmond would deal with due to trauma from injustice, the clear admonition from his teacher he deeply respected in this setting is:

“Here is your final lesson, do not commit the crime for which you now serve the sentence. God said, “Vengeance is mine.”

Against The Current – lullaby (9/18 Live in Dallas)

“And the god’s keep saying
You’ve been warned
They leave you stranded in their storm”- Against the Current

Against the Current is a rock group with the talent to sing pop, ballads, and I would even say Jazz.

Their song Lullaby is one of my favorites on the new ‘FEVER’ album.

“And I’ve been here before
Tell me how you sleep at night
It doesn’t seem fair
How the hell you dreaming
When the world’s a nightmare
Didn’t hear a single word we said
‘Cause we’re screaming out loud
But it seems our cries
Were just another lullaby” – Against the Current

I do not need to say anymore. Here are additional references on this Product of Culture aka website

This is Chrissy Costanza
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Creative Inspiration Result: Flowing Against The Current

ArianaGrande #Positions #Vevo

Ariana Grande – positions (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

Ariana Grande’s skill is quite immeasurable when you look at her resume. The song ‘Positions’ shows she is capable of being or turning into what is needed for her important interests. In this case, you would produce a character, or even sidekick; if you will; who is very important not only for the protagonist in the story; but yes, the story itself.

Here is what I mean; the sidekick, friend, love interest, and etc… can be any personality type and skill set you need for your protagonist, in order to keep a book series moving forward each year, if you choose so.

Keep in mind, that after your main character is established in your audience’s mind as having certain traits, skill sets, likes and dislikes, it would break the reader out of their enthralled moments of reading if in well-established plot reaction moments you say for three books, the protagonist can’t boil a pot of water, and now he or she just created a 7 course meal with all the trimmings. The same goes for your protagonist being a seeing is believing type of individual; then to all of sudden hear use the force Luke in one came out of the blue paragraph with no establishing groundwork on how he or she finally had a dichotomy in POV.

Writers do their best to not create plot twist that don’t match with the protagonist’s way in skill set or personality.

The Comrade, love interest, or sidekick (which can be introduced in the series as needed) can have the needed mindset for the creative story of choice.

The Continuation

The Authentic Self Will Shine Through
12 topics of discussion made in each set of 4 will continue in Creative Writing and Enthralling Results Part 4

Have a wonderful day; hopefully with a cup of Joe.

James Lynch
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